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Teaching with Google Forms

This is a google form running the Flubaroo script.  You answer the questions, I grade your responses and email you your results.


Setting up Your Own Form

You can use your personal google account or your tdsb account.

  1. Your form needs to include a field to collect emails.  A name field isn’t necessary to use the form but you will likely find it helpful!  Both of these fields should be text fields.
  2. For your questions you can use multiple choice, text, choose from a list and scale.  You can also insert videos and images for your questions.
  3. Create all your questions and decide how you will distribute your form to your class.

To distribute the form to your students there are a couple of options:

  • You can email them the link if you have their email addresses
  • You can embed the form in a website (click send form, click embed, paste the code onto a page on a website.)

At this point, students can use the form.  It is helpful if you are the first response on the form as you can use this as the answer key.


To grade the assignment you need to install the Flubaroo script.

  1. Go to the responses by clicking Reponses…View Responses when you are in form design view or click the responses spreadsheet in your google drive.
  2. In the responses spreadsheet click Tools then Script Gallery. Search for Flubaroo and click install.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, go to your form and answer the assessment.  Make sure your answers are correct.
  4. Go back to your spreadsheet and click Flubaroo…Grade Assignment.
  5. Enter the weighting for each point.
  6. Select the response to use as an answer key.
  7. The script will add a new sheet to your spreadsheet with the results.  You can email them to your students by going to Flubaroo…Email Grades.

Other Things You Can Do With Forms

Download (PDF, 682KB)

Links and Resources

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