The first business document we are going to look at are memos.

All About Memos

Key Points

  • Memo is short for memorandus which means to be remembered
  • internal communications documents of a company
  • objective is to deliver information or instructions
  • should be on a single topic
  • most companies have an official memo sheet with a company logo featured at the top of the page

Types of Memos

  • Informational:  conveys one or more pieces of information related to the subject line
  • Instructional: conveys one or more directives that related specifically to the subject line that call for action

Elements of a Business Memo

  • Title (Memo or Memorandum
  • Heading (To, From, Date, Subject)
  • Body (can be short or long)

Format of a Business Memo

  • Full Block Style: Left justified, single-spaced paragraphs separated by a double space.
  • Modified Block Style: Indented, single-spaced paragraphs not separated by a double space.
  • Secondary Pages: All but the first page should include a header containing the recipient’s name, the page number, and the date.


memo components









Memo Task


Create the following memos using Microsoft Word.  Use a template to help create the memo.

Informational Memo

A memo from Kang and Kodos, heads of the Rigel VII invasion force, to the Your Highness, Supreme Leader of Rigel VII updating him of their efforts to conquer Earth.  The memo should include the following points:

  • The invasion is currently on schedule – they have control of North America
  • There are some difficulties understanding human culture, particularly pop culture
  • They are building new factories to make spaceships
  • They will soon be recruiting a human to be the Supreme Commander of Earth

Feel free to make your memo funny but it should still be professional.

The memo should use full block form.

Instructional Memo

Choose one of the following:

1. A memo that would be posted in a shared kitchen reminding people to clean their dishes

2. A memo that would be posted in an office that reminds people to leave their computers on at night and turn off their monitors

3. A memo that would be posted in a shared kitchen reminding people if they take the last cup of coffee to make another

The memo should use modified block form and include an image or a diagram to draw people’s attention.  The memo is from the HR department.


Make sure you save the memos.  You will submit it through the website on Monday.