General Information

community-troy-party-hatOn this site you will find:

  • links to all my class sites (organized by course)
  • a  few teacher resources (see bottom of the page)
  • links to older sites
  • my email policy for students
  • Community gifs – because they brighten anyone’s day!






Email Policy



I use gmail. My user name is msccuttle.

Of course! However, I don’t promise to reply.

Definitely email me when:

  • You are going to miss a quiz, test, assignment, etc due to illness or family emergency. It is much easier than calling. However, your parent/guardian must still call the school to report your absence.
  • You are having an issue in class and would prefer not to talk to me directly.
  • You are having difficulties with an assignment and there is no class between the moment of difficulty and the due date.

Please talk to me in person when:

  • You need a reference/scholarship letter or a job reference. Graduates can email me.
  • You have a problem with your grade.
  • You know you are going to miss an assessment.


I don’t do it to be mean but I’ve found students becoming more reliant on emailing me as the years go by and it can be time consuming to reply to everyone. I do sometimes like to do things other than school work! I’ve developed the following policy over the years.

I will not respond to your email if:

  • It is a question that can be answered in class the next day.
  • It is after 8pm.
  • The information is available on the class website.
  • You were in class and I already answered your question.
  • It is one the items on my ‘please talk to me in person’ list.

I do make a few minor exceptions on the weekend prior to an ISP due date or an exam. If your email doesn’t fall into the above categories, please check that you have the right email address. If you do, and 48 hours have past, please resend the email.